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Friday, 29 January 2010

And Now You Know!

1) I have this bad habit,too lazy to get a cup I drink directly from the bottle (thanks to josh).

2) I am a sucker for pretty things,anything pretty catches my eyes.

3)Very indecisive am never completely sure, never!

4) Am absolutely lazy when I know someone else can do the work, but when there's no one I'll kick ass getting it done.;).

5) I think kim kardash is absolutely gorg.

6) I get bored easily.

7) Can't stand sad movies, am an emotional freak , can't hide my emotions

8) am a scorpio so don't get on my bad side, I knew how terrible it was when two girls tested
Ps-it is BAD!!

9) I've got the best "life motto", trust me it'll get you through this shitty world.

10) Ehmm there's more.....

11) Am getting my paycheck today :).

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Penny For My Thought...

Is your life as interesting as it seems?

It seems greener on your side,

Compared to mine that is.....

If I crossed over would I be impressed?

What I see from where I stand,

Is exactly what you let me see..

Is anyone's life as perfect?

I hope its as colourful.

Cause then I have hope, that someday,

Mine would be as perfect.(I doubt).

My past left a dent, won't shape up

Am sure. To deep a dent.

If I walk a mile in your shoes, I'll miss mine.

Your world might actually be prettier,

But to trade mine would never be an option

Its not as interesting, all the same its mine!

I am the main character in my own movie...

All lights and most especially my fathers

Eyes on me..

I am the co author of my wacky tale.

Thanks but no thanks, I'll make due with

Mine. :)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

HEED this SAYING'S ,my child!

1)Show me ur friend and I'd tell u who u are -doesn't apply to everyone,my friends don't define me!.
2)A liar is a thief...I'd change it to a thief is a liar-one of those very true sayings,trust me.
3)Love your enemies,it'll drive them crazy-or not!!.
4)That that don't kill you makes you stronger-says who??it could make u weaker joh..
5)'Tomorrow' is never promised 'today'-very very true,so live like today was your last,love,laugh and smile.
6)Open hatred is hidden love-not necessarily, hatred(open or hidden) is more like waste of time and jealousy,no time abeg.
7)Real players don't hate...they understand-never got that so nneka explain yourself!or if any of u understand it pls shed some light.tanx.
8)If he's not yours officially,then he's still hers-very very true-i should know..hehe
9)Actions speak WAY louder than words do.-i can testify to dat*touchlight (personal joke*hehe.
10)If u love something,let it go,if it comes back,then its yours nd if it doesn't,it wasn't ever yours-it sounds like a lame proverb but 4 many that have tried it..its sooo true.still can't say.
11)Un forgiveness is a self-imposed headache with a minute cure which is forgiveness .why hold a not saying be best friends with people that hurt u,but pliss forgive and walka pass doesn't hurt as much as keepn malice. and if you a xtian rememba"forgive us as we forgive them who sin gainst us"
12)Money is everything-yep it is everytin d good and d bad,all join..
13)D son is as good as his father-ehen?? Me no gree sha!.
14) God is love-soooo true(if u don't agree with all d rest,u hav 2 agree with this!!).
15)Time heals all wounds-am not sure if its true yet..d scars never fade though,and memories of how d scars came bout could bring back d hurt gain...den probably time heals gain(continual process).
16)All that a person leaves behind are his deeds-try to do good..even the little stuff counts.
17)D greatest talker's are often the least doers-soo true.
18)The harder the fight the sweeter the glory - ehmmmm.
19)A fool will always heed d advise of his foolish instructor cos in their eyes he is wise -foolishness is blindness people,try to listen to both sides.
18)One "NO" saves a great deal of trouble-hmm.
19)Anger is not sudden but a build up of irritations-beware of the anger of a quiet person!their lafter may signify anger.
20)Save a thief from the gallows and he will live to cut your throat-experience has taught me oh...soooo true.
21)Tolerance is often a form of cowardice-i swear,I've tolerated some ass-holes and it didn't pay well at the end.
22)Nothing actually really dies,they just seize to exist d way we knew them-who is not forgotten is not dead.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


How to start this piece is working up my brain. I've decided on what the write up is about though,choose soccer!.lol.
Meanwhile, between this is just a way to practice the art of writing. I hate reading,so can't learn from reading other books or write ups;I like to think I haven't found the right books but truth be told,I've been too lazy to look for the "right ones". And another truth is I'd kinda rather buy new jeans with the money *puppy eyes + embarassed*. Telling self to change hasn't worked out fine,and am fully aware that writing may not help either but what the heck.
Now,back to topic SOCCER. I know little or nothing about this sport, a list of what I do know would read:
1)Most males and some females included behave like its a drug which they addicted to,like it pumps adrealine down their veins. I've heard people have killed in the name of football (hear say).I know though, that some people have fasted for and only for this cause "that the team they support wins".smh*
2)It involves using only the leg to kick the ball
3)Fouls, sidekicks,red/yellow cards are some kind of purnishements giving to offenders, the offence defines the penalty
4)A coach and refree is involved (like duhh!!)
5)Seasonal tournaments like world cup, nations cup take place. often and
6)Clubs: Realmadrid,arsenal(gunners),manchester united(man u), chelsea(the blues) etc.are clubs...
Forgive me if I didn't mention your club. Oh well *sigh* enough of what I know, I actually find the game intresting I mean when you see the faces of this fans and supporters its like there's this rush. The excitement when the game begins, expectant faces, the fear mixed with joy..omG when you in the midst of these crowd you have the same emorush(emotion rush), even when you understand little about what's going
Am writing this and I swear I feel the excitement. I was an arsenal fan, my reasons for joining the club ehmmm??
-i loved the name "arsenal"
-found out they had fine boys in the team.
-the fans had so much "spirit" even when the team played like ass!
Yeah, never understood the game,up until now I have absolutely no idea what goes on, I know that if a keeper let's the ball into the post(net) then "its a goal" and one point is added to the team that shoots.
Now am tired of writingbut before I stop I should say, I was loyal to the team (arsenal) even when they were bent on messing up, but it reached a point I just couldn't take it anymore, so I left the now I rep the BLUES.
Its chelsea baybee..<3*

Monday, 11 January 2010


Everyday we get around blaming one head for our nations (many) problems,we blame the government for the low standard of our living,we pity ourselves. Especially some of us that can't afford to live the extravagant lives of the "so called" high and mighty.
I know we hear this a lot,but really it really does start with you,save yourself save the nation(I do not mean be greedy),in other words..."Start with the guy/lady in the mirror"
Wonder why the tittle reads save the nurse save lives,this is because you won't imagine the number of people in this our dear country that have left so soon to eternity because the nurses couldn't care not very learned on this issue or on the trainings for nurses in this contry ,but I remember in primary school,when our teachers asked everyone in class one by one what we wanted to be when we we're all grown,most of us girls wanted to be nurses..
My point being we saw honour in those uniforms,we saw caring people,the ones who saved the lives of the sick before the doctors came around to preserve it,they were the ones who offered emotional healing to patients,who never gave up on a life even when it seemed far gone. at least thats how the movies made them seem...can't say the same of the reality of this country though.
I lost a close, the closest (none blood related) family I had to the carelessness of nurses,I cried when I saw their actions,they seemed more like heartless logs of wood than human beings,they seemed soulless,cared more about big brother series on tv than my brother who apparently needed surgery,they FORGOT to call the doctors,the doctors found us themselves when they came around checking other patients,I guess they came by pretty late!
Kevin won the bigbrother series,we all felt good for our country,my brother would have been here to feel that joy too,had the nurses done their jobs
I know am not alone,we are so many that have shed tears(that could have been prevented) and had the course of our lives changed for ever,driven into great depression,questioned all sanity and suffered irreplaceable loss. all because a nurse was less of a human being than she could have been.
I know your salaries may not be as much as you rightly deserve,but it starts with you,look in the mirror people,make a change!
God bless.