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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The reason

I have searched for purpose.
In your little box, everything may be perfect, or not...
In your little world, there's a little window, where you get your view from,
your perspective of life and your reality.
It a just a glimpse of the whole picture, it's just a view,
it's only your view.

Chaos! That's the beautiful full view.
A mix of everything imaginary, a world full of all possibility.
There is nothing new, 
everything imaginary the earth has seen.
Everything imaginary this world can create.

I need to understand.
I have searched for purpose.
What's the reason ?
Why am I here?

Understanding is not enough.
What shall I do with what I know.
My view: sometimes it's sunny, sometimes it rains
Sometimes it's stormy, sometimes I see rainbows
My perspective changes
Why am I here?

Riches and splendor no longer ignites anything in me.
The reality; knowledge of death,eternity,peace,human nature,the soul
My spirit yearns for more .
I want to know the purpose.
Why am I here?

I want to be great, I want to achieve.
I want to build nations out of encounters.
I want to influence, I yearn to help, I want to love.

One step at a time.
Lord teach me how to Love.
How to Love you, to love myself and to love others .

The bitterness and hate diluted in the world altered my perspective.
Its still a struggle.
Each day I find out the world isn't as beautiful.
Bad surpasses good.
Good isn't desired, never has.
Fact is, no one is good.
Either way, is anyone trying?

One day at a time.
My spirit would not crumble.
Love is the purpose.
Love is what I seek.

There is no reason, the world is a maze.
there's no reasonable explanation for everything.
at least, not yet.
Round and round we go,
all we have is a view.
beautiful chaos.


You forget how heart break feels after a while,
But when it comes again, do you remember what saved you the last time?

Personally, I can't remember...
Taking it  one day at a time
I hear survival rate isn't that bad
People survive so I'll be all right

It's hard to get up from bed in the morning
Then I pray for strength
God is constantly faithful, always a kind word
I gain strength and then I rise

It's not all smiles as hours fade
But daddy always says "tears wont change the past"
sometimes I let a tear roll, other times I just pray

That's all I have
I wondered what prayer had to do with a broken heart
The heart break is a wonder itself
I'm too dazed for sad songs
My solace is found when I say "God help me, it hurts"

I know he hears, I know he cares
I've made it to the 2nd day, yes?
One day I'll be all fine...I don't care if I believe this
Really not sure I do
But I have to keep saying it
"One day I'll be fine"

Wrote this piece Oct 2012, glad to say, I'm fine today, better today.