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Saturday, 24 August 2013

The pressure of trust

The pressure from a complete stranger saying "I trust you".

Where do you know me from and why do you trust me so???

Sigh! The fact that i know I can be a complete disaster, I can mess up, I can completely fuck you over.

But for the grace of God I am like any other mess, walking clueless, I am completely human.

Fear almost had me, and it was just fear that I wasn't going to measure up with the expectations of a stranger that handed me complete trust,  I knew my power to fuck up (trying to help you understand the post). Kai fear dealt with me smh.

deadly fears, the ones that have the power to kill all my dreams if I let them

*being alone in the world, forgetting what friendship means and allowing myself get so lost In the trials of this cruel earth while i disconnect from those whom i love , the ones that love me back, my friends.

*listening to the voice that whispers facts, ignites the fear of the unknown and feeds me lies, luring me to accept all realities I'm not comfortable with and ignore the bases of faith concerning the unknown

Worry dealt with me, fear almost swallowed me

Oh! But where is my faith? The truth is; I am weak but he is strong.

In confidence & quietness shall be your strength . Lord, I need thee every hour....