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Monday, 15 September 2014

Happy Fathers Day

The way we always come back to kneel at your feet
Sometimes we forget important memories and banish truths/facts
We reject the lessons experience once taught
How we tend to Forget about you when things are great and rosey
We run miles away from you
Like we'll be able to survive on our own
Later, we return to ask for grace
When dark clouds surface

It's nature, the way the world is designed
Seasons of change
Nothing remains the same
One day it's summery another day it's the dead cold of winter 
and once again, fresh spring

Dear Lord, let me always be at your feet
Grace and new grace each morning I plead thee, give
For the grace of yesterday is not sufficient for today
At your throne, your mercy seat I know you have more than enough to give
Better still lord, I know you are more than willing to give
Lord I receive. That's why I am saved
Because I received.

The love of our father is not reciprocal
Not to the love he receives
But always he's listening to us, watching our backs
Speaking to us, loving us
The love of your father is not reciprocal 
Not to the love he receives
He loved me first
And nothing pls read rom 8:38 NOTHING!
Can separate us from The love of the Father

Preaching Gods love for you was the message of Jesus, the message of salvation, the message of hope, the good news.
... And the Reason.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Been a while...

Busy, busy, busy, 
What has my mind been up to?
Renewal, thinking big, pushing hard, seeing change, thriving for more positive change.
I'm stronger today than I have ever been all my life.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Why does it hurt, Is it supposed to?
I knew what I had and then it walked away
LoL these is the man with the other side of the story.

Why does it hurt after doing everything right
Shouldnt you have the last laugh
last man smiling?

The problem with doing any good and expecting rewards/notice.
men and thier weakness...
high expectations from mortals, sigh.

"Yes we can" dont mean we would.

life is a maze. Its confusing, slowly does it.
no reward for the rabbit with fast legs, no crowns.

my life is a movie in slow motion & I really dont mind

MAZE, slowly does it.  Goodnight.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

win some, lose some, lose all.

May 2014: I have come a long way. Actually, not so long. 24 years of existence and change has been constant., adapting has gotten easier.

The old me has passed away and the new me would eventually have a wider picture, a different point of view..hopefully every change makes me a better individual.

"mane duniya?" Truelly I pray for more smiles than frowns as each day passes.
to be in charge of my fate, to pave my path making right decision.
these days im not afraid of failure, I am not ashamed of all my flaws.
accepting imperfection, seeing beauty in my growth.
learning to understand, learning to love.
learning to forgive, learning privacy
continual search for true wisdom (the kind Jesus showed)

Only 24 years and see how life has changed.
And I'll be 60 (if the Lord tarrys) and nothing might be the same.

what would my story be? Lord make it.

This post was written to let out a feeling; its hard to let go, but even good things change...not necessarily for worse never the less its hard to let a good thing go.but change is constant and maybe the lesson is to never get comfortable, to be ready and whole.

Monday, 17 February 2014

My Denny Crane & Alan Shore relationship.

In the man I end up with I want a best friend,
Someone to confide in, tell secrets, love deeply and know deeply.
I want all the Essence of love
The beauty, passion, desires...
All the colors, shades, ways.
I'll like to face the world with this person
I want a man that would always have my back
A trusted partner, one I can give all that I am with no doubts, no fears.

I like Denny Crane and Alan's relationship
They seemed married even though they played the roles as best friends.
So Different, yet in love.
Always having one another's back
At the end of the day, they always made a toast to life with each other.
... I want a Denny Crane & Alan relationship.
It's funny when I think of the perfect relationship, I see 2 men,seating on a balcony at evening time, sipping on scotch...

For now I'm single, and I'll like to have this with My Lord.

Seek ye first the kingdom...and my Denny would surface... ;)