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Monday, 5 November 2012

Dear Josh, I'm beginning to understand why we met.
Life is what life is and I had to learn through you that good people didn't go extinct.
You told me not to change, it's hard to stay nice,  humans can be mean, very mean.

Life went on after you left...
I've met all sorts of people, its hard to not be naive, its hard to just jugde from the first glance,
And its impossible to know how the story ends from the beginning...
It always starts off fine then I'm 'WOWED' oh well!
People are amazing :)

Naive as I was, you never took advantage,
You weren't perfect but I saw you try,
That you tried made the difference.
You were as confused as I am about the world and its people,
You were also strong enough to know there was hope.
I hope you know, me finding you was me finding hope.

You didn't come and vanish... You made an impact, memories to last.

I've come to understand, that to live sane is to understand there's a purpose for every thing.
Its okay that you're gone, different phase. Spirits never die that's consoling :)..
You were a good man, I now know its not easy to stay good, but even with all your trials you gave it a try...
Hey! See where it got you, at least it got you a name.
A good name.

I know you're okay, I know you're fine. You owe me nothing, you were a young man who deserved peace.

To the great beyond my best friend, my unofficial ex.. I know you smile, my friend lives on. And you know? Just for that I smile back too...
I'll keep trying josh, I won't change.
I miss you Josh.