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Thursday, 20 September 2012

We Rise

I am not where I want to be
But I'm en route destination..
Does result justify all means?
The long,hard and honest path or short cuts,
Which is appropriate? Which is my choice?

Does pain make one stronger,
Still must I go through the pain?
And why compare man to steel?
Steel goes through the heat, must man do the same?

Tell me a story, a story of a man
How a man got to his destination
Yet endured no pain.
"its not if a man is king, but how he wears the crown"

Grateful for another day.
Still breathing, so then I still have purpose.
Today my choice would tell
What the future holds for me

Nothing is as certain as rock
But I pave my way,
The power of my actions,
I am a god
I make my own way.

To go through the long honest route
And endure, or
Go the other route and seat on the throne in a short while.
I've heard patience makes one stronger,
Patience is a battle with ones self,
Who wins at the end?

Why compare man to steel?
The Spirit of man lives forever,
Steel has no soul.
But if everything has purpose, what is its purpose?
Perhaps to tell a story. Who knows.....

There is purpose in our pain.
"after the fire has tested me,I will come out as gold"
From the ashes... We rise.