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Friday, 25 January 2013

Calling to remembrance.

You'll help me out and I'll praise you for doing so, I'll probably say: "oh, thank you sir/ma/sis/bro, you'll never understand how grateful I am, I'll never forget your act of kindness"

And i sincerely don't intend to forget , but after years go by... Am i still as appreciative?

Our ability to forget as time goes by becomes a flaw, especially when its the important things we forget.

Let's keep counting our blessings irrespective of the sights we see. From my existence on this side of life I've realized that for a fact; troubles are promised, and most of the time our reaction is shock and a the realization of how limited our power really is.

I've come to understand  that dwelling on the troubles doesn't change the situation. And I've found peace in bad times just by remembering the good times, counting all the good, and learning from the negatives,but not dwelling on it.

I call to remembrance all the blessings, for a truth many I'm undeserving of... But still somehow I'm blessed. I tell myself I'll be blessed again. And by this I draw strength from the pain.

I'll close this note with One of my favorite scriptural verse ; rejoicing in hope, patient through tribulations and continuing steadfastly in prayer Romans 12:12.

God bless :*