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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A Need ToType...Document The Moment.

1) I am sleepy, I have writers block, i don't even consider myself a writer...

2) I want to type. its 2:07 am... what's on my mind?

3) Probably should be reading a good book...

4) I believe in Miracles, I believe in the power of prayer, I believe Gods word is true.

5) Just now, at no 4, I was fighting a negative thought with the word.

6) What will I eat tomorrow a.m, that's a serious question!

7) Fati Mamza gave me a wake up call yesterday.

8) I falter like every day. "its not by power, nor by might"

9) The Word of God will guard your mind, counter every word that speaks against the word He has said.

10) You are beautiful. and one day you'll know how special you are.

11) Can i stop at no 10? writers block (and I am not a writer)