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Sunday, 31 July 2011


You see what you want to see, and honestly she doesnt really care what you assume.

you see an evil man...
i see a good wife standing beside that man.
he has his demons, oh yes! he does.
doesn't stop her from loving her man and chastising him the best way she knows how.

you the observer, watching from a distance cant see progress as much as you'll like.
he is condemed in your sight, and every now and then you wonder why..:s
why a good woman (beauty) would give her heart to a 'BAD,BAD' man (the beast).

love is the strongest force i have known.
it can make you compromise, not necessarily your soul
but it'll make a sane woman look foolish
it'll allow kindness be misinterpreted for stupid.

everyday she watches her mans wall crash
everyday some victory you know nothing of occurs.
you see a wolf, she sees a scared dog getting tamed.
love is all the definitions including;stupid

when you throw stones at him and call him names
she'll stick closer to him.
rather be down with the man of her dreams,
than be up, yet feel lonely in a world full of familiar faces.

love is blind and blind love is dangerous.
her love for her man is not dangerous
he respects her but terrorisies
he knows a good woman prays each day for his soul.

i know this woman, i love this woman.
i wrote this while trying to figure out why 'BAD BAD' men survive.
and i realised for some, some loved one keeps praying.....

. . . A Word of PRAYER changes EVERYTHING . . . #TYGA