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Friday, 25 March 2011

Start in your hood, town or city, dont wait on hollywood.

Start in your hood, town or city.

dont wait on hollywood, cos it sure aint on pause for you,

you want to be famous?

give what you got to your community and watch your people give back.

give your love, give your money, touch a heart, save a life,

make a change, make that vote that'll count...

we all greedy,cos we got blood running through our vains.

greed and hate aint taking us further than there -(aim higher)

you want love- give love

want money- make a donation (give alms,charity, help a friend, dont necessarily mean a dollar bill).

want a change- make a vote with a clean conscience. (not about religion, tribe or clan)

am not even a writter, its just a hobby to me

but am giving this (hehehe) laugh!lol.