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Friday, 26 April 2013

Show Mercy...

I let myself chase after lost souls...
how do i know i am not one 'lost soul'?
why do i always come back,
always on the same path of forgiveness,
back to the source of my pain.
why do i love deeply?
why do i cherish their souls?
why is the path to forgiving paved with pain?
and why do i choose this path?

I always find myself back at the same place
i promised myself I'll never be back to.
this time, i wont make myself that promise.
cos i know i may find myself right back here...
hurting again. a price you pay for kindness!

I know theres a way out of these pain, experience taught me,
its not easy to forgive, but for FREEDOM sake and
so i am not stuck in a bad memory,
so i don't have deadly venom weakening my spirit and killing me slowly
for these reasons once again i"ll let YOU go.
once again I'll let IT go.

I'll take many deep breaths and just let it go!
these pain is not worth my freedom.
theres some pain medicine in FORGIVENESS.
forgiving the one that brought you pain.
taking some pain medicine by showing Gods love and forgiving
cos once upon a time weren't we all sinners?
but for the grace of God!

Again, I'll take your crap, i wont hurt you back...
instead, I'll let IT go.
I'll let YOU go
I'll forgive you

...cruel world, I'm in love with my vision and not reality

what good do we do by loving only those who love us? thats easy.