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Monday, 19 September 2011

... Moment when you step back into reality

that moment when you step back into reality
when everything experienced prior to this minute
becomes ' just a figment of imagination'
everything goes and is forgotten, but the feeling
the feeling lingers..
you felt felt really good.

now you pause..trying to remember...
but its gone. puff!! all a dream 
cruel reality snatched it away
all you have left is the feeling
memories of the feeling linger
thats why you smile :)

you'll want it again
you wont deny yourself of a lovely dream while you are asleep
its called rest..dreams can follow.
you've dreamt before, havent you?
so you love a good dream...or dont you?

why limit yourself to a good dream only at night?
i hear people preaching "dream big"
i hope we are all listening?
dreams are escape doors from reality (cool fact)
dream big while you're escaping your reality.

if dreams come true or not is not the issue
im trying to say; we all deserve escape sometimes
dont limit 'escape' to a dream at night
that may or may not come
do it while you can, anytime you can
Martin Luther King God rest his soul
had a dream, and boy that dream was huge
guess what ;  reality didn't stop him from dreaming.
and i know he smiled when obama made that speech
even his wife testified that his dream came true

in this life or the next
maybe a dream would make you smile.
do not delude yourself of your reality

but never, ever stop dreaming.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

reminds me of a prior post :

A Note

the words touched they actually reached out to touch me lol..hope you enjoy it as much as i did..
 Lifes Bitter Lessons

they say the good die young a good heart younger
a good mind even younger Be brave,
the load should make you stronger
 In pain cry when your heart hungers cos when the tears are gone and faith is restored
the pain lingers no longer
Trust may fail, dont be scared to trust another cos being trustworthy, is the stuff of true brothers The heat may come, think of it as the weather Summer burns,
 but later on its autumn and winter
come whatever, lifes crap and the better
 a heart that believes lasts for forever
Yaaay, screw you second-chance non believers!!!
 If Jesus did the same where wud you be? the gallows or the hangers?
They say trust no man, i dont either i just believe in men,
 and trust their faith to save us
 And in no way should this make me a free thinker Religion is key,
 nonetheless, whichever way, in whatever

The ugly truth is money defines you
makes you and marrs you
money and you is a clearer definition of you
 its in your hands, and thats all there is to you
 how you react to it is a true picasso of you
 Don't cry if people owe you cheat you,
 short you or never pay you
 the only money you truely have is what is on you
 Cos in matters of money,
 alot of expectations would be cut short right before you
 Loved ones would two-time and backstab you
Nothing pays more in life than being you
 Thats something no one can take from you save you.
 Let the quality of your work make you
 Set you as a standard in full view work hard and smart,
be the best in you at all, everything, and what you do.
 Cos thats true pay, your true value
 The best partnerships are between friends same is the easiest to undo
betrayal from a friend is something you cant anticipate nor undo
 Imagine the nigger! after all we've been tru?! Ive said that alot o!!! so why cant you?
and even after all this, it happens again, fresh and brand new and yet we still work with friends, what else can we do? but wait. ask yourself, that cheating bastard right, is that you?

true pain is heart deep,
to toil and hustle is pain and that road is steep
never forget that it is in pain you shall reap.
Its real pain that puts the value in sleep
Its hard work even for a cheat nothing in this life is free, save for the air you breathe
and the salvation you have and the faith you believe
Pain from a loved one turns up the heat like no other pain,
the venom from a friend is the deepest spit in that pain,
be calm, listen to your heart beat be still, let the anger slip
In life pain you must meet, its the only way to genuinely live
The real people living are those in whose hands pain has suffered defeat
leaving them cheerful, happy and open to all they meet
Bearing scars of the past, walking on cold feet and yet keep a smile so wide
it bores dimples 2 inches deep
Real pain is void of words, its a blank gaze, its unique cos when the heart cries,
only God hears, and that stuff is deep
the tears we shed, most times bring down the bp and the silence after is a burning rollercoaster, no words, u cant speak
loose a loved one and ud know all of this
not just any loved one, someone who everyday you see
If God made pain, then pain we shall meet
its the faith in God we have tru pain, that makes us humble and meek

Live today like it ends today have no regrets,
theres no room for dismay
cos when youre old and your hairs' turned grey
it pays to smile then, smile genuinely
for a time well spent, for the yesterdays
live great, live amazed marvel at men,
at the things God creates live like an explorer,
finding new things each day wandering in foreign land,
helping as we can, lending as much aid
cos this life is not home, and to home we all would return someday
to be asked what we did, how we faired,
how we earned our pay to live well is cheap,
kamarr da gaske to live happy is cheap,
ask a poor man anyday contentment is good living,
its an umbrella in the rain
The best of life is in family, and experiences everyday

Always love, never stop loving
each day we live, trying to make a living
as long as youre living you keep on dying
life is too short to stop loving
its more profitable to live loving than to love living
True love may be the stuff of legends
write your story that one day youd be a legend
If you cant love, why are you living
If you stop loving, whats the point still living?
Life is great, if only spent loving
live for a cause, something more than living
like saving the world, if only for an evening picking up after you,
living a clean living easier for women, men just get by in and in
life is to be enjoyed is a very true saying
enjoy the good and the bad, is the latter part of that saying the part no one mentions,
for fear of negatives reacting
but aint that the truth?
stand up if your denying monkey chase baboon,
therein lies mans origins if its fake its fake, and that not living

work and give it your best
Your work is no ghetto street contest be thorough,
be sure its the best be worthy of your pay,
buoyant or small cos a worthy seed on fertile ground would fall
have faith in growth, do not gloat
for in the darkest of days, it would keep you afloat
do the same routine, change the style, give it your most
Be the difference, one cuflink at a time,
starting from the little is good growth
hate the wrong, even if you cant in public show
never compromise your heart, thats the only real you yknow
mark your progress, goal to goal
be grateful for your job, never for the payroll
the pay would forever be crap, didnt you know
mo money mo problems,
and problems go deff show

 Keeping Faith in the Thunderstorm...

honoured to have Suleiman Barka Wagamis' (author)  "lifes bitter lessons" on my blog.