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Tuesday, 31 May 2011


its realer than it actually feels/looks
all the things we take for granted might hunt us someday
theres actually fire on this mountain top and its funny how no one is panicking (me included)
the ones who have power think its all about gaining more power
using power to gain more power but doing absolutely nothing other than selfish deeds with power.
you draining your power source,
they make you who you are, you gain strength from your people
the ones you treat like dirt.
all the power i had to love you.... all gone
kept fading away.
you have deceived me far too many times
every time i gave another chance i thought you'll be smart enough to change
i really hope you change this time.

i'm not alone, most of us have no faith in you
we gain strength in numbers..
sooner or later more would realize
this is our pride, we handed it to you
trusted you with everything, yet we are treated like slaves in our own land,
our inheritance..
well this is all we have.
for the sake of peace i hope for CHANGE.

Monday, 30 May 2011

For Boredom Sake

young love, cute yeh? why do they remind me of some other couples??

this couples ------>

when you wonder why this is a post on my blog pls read the title of the post again..
safe. xoxo

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hank Moody, the Runkles and Ed Westwick (Chuck bass)

La Petite Mort. But i call it :- The Break Up; episode 12, season 2 Californication.......

Charlie Runkle and the porn star Daisy had break up sex that lasted literally only 2 seconds. Define that as the Perfect breakup.
2 seconds??? in 2 seconds, count 1,2 GBAM! shit was over! dead! no revival. 2 seconds O_O?
his d*&k gave up in 2 seconds.. it was like "nah mehn aint feeling this no more" lol.
charlie and marcy

i find the Charlie Runkle and Marcy Runkle love story Sweet, unlike the Hank Moody and karen (girlfriend) love <----- lead characters. They can start their very own series and call it "The Stupidity Of Love".. round and round circles, i get so dizzy, whats next already? i suppose season 3 and 4 would say. supposed grown ups acting like 19 year olds.. thats not the beauty of love is it? hope not! then what do i know about love right? marry her already and end this series.

hank and karen

p.s you should see chuck bass, ed westwicks' character in season 3 :D (one love to the gay community, we dont discriminate ;))
focus on boobs not Ed Westwick .

Saturday, 21 May 2011

paying attention to details.

Everyday, there is supposed too be some good versus bad battle going on yeh?
And how do we tell which side is winning?
if there was a balance would the world be alright?
well i think we need a solution. dedicating all our energy to discusing facts and the obvious has gotten us NO WHERE.

Today i discovered the power of detail in this case;the guest toilet in an organization i had to visi, i also realised the dangers in dealing with a crisis from the top and why you really have to know your earth before putting up your foundation.

you dont want to start from scratch, do you?
no balance in the universe! thats just what it sums up to.
To say the universe would be better if there was a balance, i really cant predict how factual that could be. but to say how boring it could be is predictable.

A solution to a problem. We have access to facts,which is access to knowledge.
if knowledge is power, it means we have access to power.
The reason for this post is only because i walked into an organization and got digusted by the sight of the visitors toilet. Can you imagine the image i would have to suffer when ever the company name comes up in any conversation? the damage!
if only the management had their visitors toilet clean..

Most of us acquire knowledge, so we know... but we never use this knowledge.
what is sad is not how stupid we have become, but how we can have free gifts and yet not notice.

We are all but victims and creatures on earth.

Monday, 9 May 2011


1. very true.

3. blehh! never happened to me.

5. 0_o

9. LMAO thats right (in joshs' mums voice"

10.thats soo african!

15.exteme.. haha

17. ah ah! "ehn!"kmt.

19. i have blue and orange in my bathtub.

20. my mothers freinds must be my freinds?? still dont get that "uninterested smiley" love you mum.

21. ok.

23. typical of my igbo bros, no disrespect:D. im northern and we have our flaws too.

25. if candles and lamps or lamps are too cheap, mikano gens are available (they should pay me for this ad).

Saturday, 7 May 2011

My own advice to me: if it helps you then i'm happy.

In ALL things put God first.

I employ you to be optimistic, what pleasure do you have in reaching out for the negatives???

Silence is a gift sometimes, your knowledge is useless with the wrong crowd.

Think before every action. i like to think life is like chess, the king you try to protect is your soul.

When all your efforts prove to fail, try praying. better still try prayer first, other efforts might not be required after all.

Treat humans like you'll want another human to treat you.

Dream bigger dreams, what ever you are dreaming of at the moment aint big enough x_x lol

Be polite; thanks! please! and a simple greeting goes a long way.

Dont judge people, feel free to have an opinion- thats the only right you haave in another mans issue, and if your opinion isnt asked for directly or indirectly by people who matter in the issue pls pls pls keep thy opinions to thyself.

Actions are way larger than words.

Friday, 6 May 2011


bang! bang! bang! there goes my head

am i focusing too much?

wasting to much time.

haha he looks at me funny,

now am not sure if am nodding in rythm to the beat 0_0

serenity is craved for.

i appreciate your kindness, i love this place, just need a lil time.

need to figure out whats important and whats not

im obviously doing something wrong, or am i in the wrong crowd?

with my friends my nodd is quite normal, they get me,

they'll probably be nodding too, yeh?

abstract, yet very detailed.

this is the story of the night before.

couldnt handle that crowd, had to run home.

prefrence stuck, my bed won.

fyi.. what was left of the night was merry.

Thursday, 5 May 2011


As the weather changes, feelings change.

good change/bad change.

intense or mere, pain is pain

whatever the measure, joy is joy.

The sun would burn, help me dry out my trees.

the rains would come, wet and refreshing

i'll light up my sticks when the weather is inbetween

bliss is bliss, whether for a moment or for life.

since nothing is impossible, i choose "for life"

but if for some reason, seasons aint in my favour

i hope to find joy and peace even in a storm

for isnt that the reality of joy?

the ability to truely smile even when all is wrong.