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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Faith in War time.

To fight a war against an enemy within a friend, an enemy he cant see,

To know in your heart and soul that you can win, to just know...

...and to be consoled in you heart and mind by peace within the storm.

To know your enemy and see them in your dreams,

To wake up every time and smile because he doesn't have peace.

To trust your victory to a King you have faith in.

To know in your heart and soul that He can win, to be sure in that Hope...

...and to wait patiently, because; " after patience has done its work, then the promise".

To know your defender, your Rock, your Refuge is sure.

To trust your whole existence to his Will.

Because his plan is  good, and will bring you to the blessed end.

So time passes by, every second tends to raise its tides.

And we hold on extremely tight, to our hope, to the Rock of our salvation.

In our heart there is no war, the storms and toils are not within, our heart is at peace...

...and that's how we know, God is in charge.

"because though the earth  be shaken and the earth be moved..."

"God is in the midst of her, she will not be moved;

God will help her when morning dawns."

Around her the signs are deem, but because we do not work by sight.

See that Grace, see that Peace, from where is my peace?

that's how you know, despite reality, your breakthrough is come.

all that's left, is his time.

"for the vision is for his appointed time,and though it waits, wait for it, for in his time, it will SPEAK."