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Thursday, 25 March 2010

different kinds of people

Different kinds of people exist.

I find that there are two kinds,

The kinds I get...and the kinds I don't.

99% fall into the kinds I don't.

How many people actually know themselves? Yeh some, but few!

I am constantly re defining myself if i could keep track of me enough i'll have time to figure people out.

One day I fall into d 99% "I don't get people" and next thing I know am in the 1% "I get kinda people".

Okay! That's the end of my note, was just sitting in class and was trying to place characteristics on the human character..I got tired as usual and decided...I get some and well some are not made to be understood..hence my note.

P.s~ take the saying "men are from mars" seriously. I mean that's the only way you would justify some of their actions. If you bother to keep trying to explain why they act the way they do..well.....( Its ur time).

.and vice versa, women are from Venus, their ways are Different from the ways of mars men...

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Saturday, 20 March 2010

xo xo

These days u feel farther than closer.

I think u've gone deep...

Just hope u can hear me.

Even if its as whispers.

...I love u...



For jaydaemon

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Numb...nada....nothing...absolutely nothing
I feel nothing.,not happy, not sad either.
Just in between..and yeh between I got my conscience in check, so I regained my sanity.

Nothing is constant except for change .thus the concept of nothing being constant (I feel like I went round the same point)..*sigh*. So the thought of happiness not being constant is.... Well!! A thought.

My conscience was always there, just ignored it, and well needed a friend to make me listen..the truth didn't hurt these time, it just sounded too grateful.

I'll always remember
~change is constant hence

~everything may change

~try not to have regrets even after a phase is gone.

~truth is the meanest, nicest bitch.


Friday, 5 March 2010


My time came, and then it faded

Experience is the best teacher, that's a fact.

I've laughed through disaster.

Put my feet in fire, came through with scars.

Scars I regret, but the experience I don't.

I hate that i could venture into this and shut my conscience out.

I hate that now I know I control my conscience.

Call it blue or white...what I did was wrong.

Do I regret??

I swear! Am not yet sure.