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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Hope, faith and love

Does it hurt? Yes! Now and then,
right now not at all
Wounds heal, you shouldn't run from the memories
After a while scars can make you smile,
The lessons they taught, the future they paved.

Do I hurt? When it hurts I cry,
Not immune to pain, I have thick skin, I'm human.
Do I forget? Nope.
But do I forgive?  Yup.
Lifes to short to hold a grudge
If I must live at least let me live in peace.
Hate is poison in ones soul
Ewww slowly dieing, a painful way to die.

Do I love you? Yes with all my heart.
Do I understand why you'll hurt me? Probably never will.
The sooner we understand not all questions would be answered the better.
I don't really care that you can be evil at times
I can be evil at times too..
But for the grace of God where would I be?

When my wounds heal
When I see my scars.
I won't remember the evil I saw,
I'll remember why I love you.
I hear love keeps no record of wrong.
Hope, faith and love.
The greatest really is Love...