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Wednesday, 26 January 2011


who is to say that if i try today i'll suceed?

the options still remain yay/nay.

i dont know if i'll make it if i try,

the fact that i know luck exist makes me lazy at times.

before i start every new thing, am scared of the risk,

ask myself the unknown- would it pay at the end?

some lucky bastard would try without stress, effortlessly,

and at the end ripp every benefit.

sounds funny, its freaking heartrecking

grahh, blehhhhh, yuckkkkkkkk.

if luck is on my side, then "am that lucky bastard :)".

and if luck aint by my side.....

then my "middle fingers" goes out to luck.

p.s if luck is GOD i take it all back.

and p.s- i aint hating on lucky bastards, share your joy ;).

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


No 2 ways about it!

We all are going to die, some soon, some later.

We all hope for later than soon, well except for some other few *with their own reasons*

Ultimate is where u go to after death.

If there is really hell or a heaven depends on your belief.

We can't all be wrong, somebody is right, yeh?

Then again we all believe we are right.

If life is a puzzle! Its a gad damn hard puzzle.

Some people say they know the secret to getting through life easy!

Said its in a book.

Heard the book is cheap, so why haven't we all read it?

Back to my point.

We all gonna die someday, at least be happy before you die, and go to a place we are/not sure of.

Now I get why many people act the way they do.

Life is a real hard puzzle.

Welcome me to reality.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Hot, Cold, or Lukewarm?

Where is the balance?

Lukewarm, warm, hot or cold...

In the world, yet not of this world;

The devils all around, yet I shouldn't fear.

Have u heard of the devils deeds?

Well then again! Have you heard of my Gods wonders?

His ways, so different, yet time would tell that's the only way.

NoBody Test Me!

So she's talking, talking about how she gained her victory over all them spiritual stuff, and am thinking "good for you! Of late been noticing my luck has been off balance" F*#k that.

Dropping all my troubles at my redeemers feet, nobody test me *MI's voice*. Don't touch my star, don't even stare at my skys, its upwards from henceforth.

On the cross, at his feet, I laid all my crap.


Why do people die before we realize?

But death aint the end...

Death seems to have lost its victory,

Its a door to a better place.

Oh death! Where the hell is your sting?