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Monday, 17 February 2014

My Denny Crane & Alan Shore relationship.

In the man I end up with I want a best friend,
Someone to confide in, tell secrets, love deeply and know deeply.
I want all the Essence of love
The beauty, passion, desires...
All the colors, shades, ways.
I'll like to face the world with this person
I want a man that would always have my back
A trusted partner, one I can give all that I am with no doubts, no fears.

I like Denny Crane and Alan's relationship
They seemed married even though they played the roles as best friends.
So Different, yet in love.
Always having one another's back
At the end of the day, they always made a toast to life with each other.
... I want a Denny Crane & Alan relationship.
It's funny when I think of the perfect relationship, I see 2 men,seating on a balcony at evening time, sipping on scotch...

For now I'm single, and I'll like to have this with My Lord.

Seek ye first the kingdom...and my Denny would surface... ;)