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Sunday, 29 December 2013

You Are Beautiful.

Today I sat beside a lady at church, she came in with her kids, a young boy, maybe 5 and a baby girl still sucking on tits :)

This year 2013 was a fresh start "to thy own self be true" kinda says what my plan was at the beginning  of the year.
So I cut the crap, and told myself some truth.
So far so good..
You are beautiful, you are delicate, created with a purpose in mind, you are great and only you has the power to take away these truth from you.<---- illumination.="" p="">
Bright lights of truth and honesty piercing through thick darkness and forcing illumination.

...Back to the lady, her baby had no pampers, she cried a lot because of discomfort.
Her son wore dirty clothes, playful young man, extremely happy fellow..mucus dripped down from his nose. He tried to make his sister stop crying (Big brothers are from heaven! )

Their mummy's Hair was a mess, she wore an old dress and looked like she had really made an effort using what she had. She loved those 2 youngsters, I could tell, and from how her baby smiled at her when mummy swinged her safely to dance as hymns were sung, I could tell her baby loved her too.

her baby had no towels, no napkins, no bottles..she used pieces of Ankara as substitute for pampers. made me cry ;(.
I love that lady, she looked so beautiful when I looked straight in her face as she blessed me. With a little grooming Pow!!! She's a stunner.

How did she get into this mess is not the question, she made me forget she was in so much stress...she looked like she had hope.
She blessed me..said a prayer for me; Not a dollar in hand, but a smile, some dancing and singing to share.

We get so caught up in our troubles, blinded by darkness we lie to ourselves/believe lies.forgetting who we truly are we become so small we become slaves to a lie, trapped in our own prisons, held captive for no just cause.

This lady knows who she is, and it wont be long before others know her for who she truly is...
Aware of her situation, but not driven by fear or gloom or selfpity.
She knows who she is, and soon enough the world will too.

Don't get stuck in the darkness, you are BEAUTIFUL.