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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

the love of a father.

The love of a father is UNCONDITIONAL.

my father should care if im on Track or Not... but for however long it takes me to get on track..., not for one second should i doubt that my dad loves me.

i met a father, who lost his son. 2 days after the death, he's words to me were " God is love, if God took my son, its was in love of me (his dad), in love of him (son), and in love of you (karen) and any other person who cared.
I love his perspective of Fatherhood...he looked to his God as his father.

Children are gifts from God
fathers should never stop loving their kids (showing it)
its a life long responsibility.
Unloving fathers create unloving kids,
who become unloving friends, unloving husbands and probably bring forth their kind of offspring.
rollercoaster ride .....where is the change in that????

if your earthly father wont love you enough (they are not perfect).
then yours God should love you as a father.


i probably dont say it blessed with a dad , col gi Ayuba i love you dad.

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Friday, 17 June 2011

Withheld truth Vs Lie / Withheld truth = Lie.

There's always two sides to a story,
The side the people believe,And the side we refer to as "The lie".
Whether or not the side the people believe, is the truth...
that side would survive (win) the test of time.

let's say the side the people believe is but indeed "the actual lie"
The truth would tarry.
For how long it would tarry, no one knws.
But surely someday the truth would surface.
Whether we live to see it or not.

That's a point!..but that's not the point I'm tryn to make.
These is the point I'm trying to make:
Do we know how many lies we've believed,simply by believing the leading stories?

If I had enough money,
I could pay every necessary publisher, radio/tv station to broadcast my lie .
"make the people believe".
the only dude with the truth might not be able to do much with the necessary channels,
and perhaps "the lie" doesn't affect him in any way(or so he thinks).
So d truth stays with this man, till he sees reason to give "the truth" to the right ear.
FYI :-other scenarios can play.

When there are no facts,Then Its just a story!
Not necessarily the truth.

I need an answer to these question.
Question: if I withhold the truth, should I be considered a liar or mute?
If no, when am I allowed to withhold the truth?

*these are honest questions, I need answers* thanks in advance :).

Thursday, 2 June 2011


you cant change a man/woman,
but every being is subject to change.
that's the only constant thing in life.
once upon a time you didn't know how to say 'A' and now you can scream 'A,B,C,D.....1,2,3, ..K,A,R,E,N',
and there was a time you didn't even know you crawled... and now you see pictures from your past that prove to you, you weren't always a giant and on your 2 feet, in fact you were on your knees.

It is in every individual the power to change. however, the will to change is not in every.If you hate change,you hate growth.
i said you cant change a man/woman.
what i didn't say is "you cant be the reason for change".
so when people claim "people don't change"<-----where is this coming from????????" if you have all the time in the world;please, by all means be a reason for change! if you want to change them for good, its harder than if you want to change them for bad. but bottom line is when a 'good girl goes bad'... most times, its just because its that easy!
its harder to make a bad boy turn good.

have a lovely day.