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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Most times its with the best of intentions we do what we do,
Sometimes actions get misinterpreted.
You do not listen to what I'm saying,
Instead you hear what you assume i am saying
That’s when we lose focus....
Wondering, trying to understand "who i think i am to judge"

In need of forgiveness
You need to be forgiven
Crimes against humanity, crimes against my brother.
How do you make it in this world without being cold,
At least just once....

Truth could hurt, put that in mind.
Also,  put in mind, my  truth isn't necessarily reality
Just what I see from my point of view
Don’t mean to offend you,
You see, I may be wrong, but i may be right

If what I say aligns with the truth you already know
I.e. your present reality
Then I did my brother well
Hopefully now you can tell, it’s not only you who sees the real you
I am your friend and i see it too

So again I may be wrong, i may be right
But if I don’t say my observations
Isn’t that a crime to a loved one?
Should I leave you in denial?
Then haven’t I robbed you of freedom
For i have left a friend in denial,
Allowed you believe illusions, mirages, all lies.

Please! Forgive me if i am wrong
But what if I am right?