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Sunday, 19 February 2017

the prayer in the dark.

I had reached rock bottom
and was slipping slowly into death
The fear and the uncertainty of deaths path frightened me
so a shiver, and I realised I will be gone...
a little shiver was the shiver of Hope.
so I let myself breath normal, it wasn't too hard
the truth is, I had obviously stopped fighting, I wasn't even trying
until the shiver
and my lungs picked up again, I fought for my life
I saw a blink of hope within fear and a shiver
the unknown life and destiny didn't have to be bitter
I've come to realise the masters mind is twisted
the twisted mind of the master mind.
rocky roads, upside downs, left side right
and he still makes out master pieces
out of the ashes, I rise.

the story:
just when I gave up, hope came along
I stopped trying, something took over
I remember just before I gave up
I had asked God to take over.

a prayer in the darkest time, he hears...

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